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The New Operating Reality

Compete-Protect-Perform is a novel approach to achieving and sustaining a competitive, secure, performance based advantage in the marketplace.  C-P-P is the result of a three-year effort to bring together academic research, private research along with the experience of my colleague Ozzie Paez of Simplicity Data Systems and the human performance experience of A. C. Macris Consultants. The outcome is a performance framework for today's unstable environment, and represents tangible benefits to organizations in the highly dynamic and competitive private and public sectors.

Through the years we have taken the position that "There are few mysteries in business, rather there are puzzles, and that we help organizations fit the pieces of a puzzle together."  While that concept holds true in today’s world, the puzzle has become more complex. Today’s puzzle might look like:


This graphic is the new reality that challenges corporate leaders and the success of their businesses.  It is no longer good enough to be competitive and perform well.  When we conceived the idea about puzzles versus mysteries, the business world was working in a two dimensional model.  The dimensions were competition and performance.  A company had to be a strong competitor and an excellent performer.  The challenges then were formidable in just two dimensions.  Today’s reality is a three dimensional model. 

Further examination of the failures subsequent to 9|11 and the hurricanes we realized that the thinking we see is still two-dimensional. Authorities seem to be thinking that whatever needs to address these risks and threats can be an overlay on current business.  Our research reveals that these risks and threats in-fact represent a third dimension to the leadership challenge.  We characterize this third dimensional model as Compete, Protect and Perform.  For a comprehensive discussion of the C-P-P framework please visit www.simplicitydata.com


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